New Year, New Decor

New Year, New Decor

As the new year kicks off in full swing, our resolutions often center around breaking old habits or starting new ones for a promising year ahead. In 2024, many of us in our self-care era look inwards to find room for self-improvement but often overlook a significant pillar of the environment that surrounds us: our home. As we step into the promising canvas of a new year, let’s redefine the notion of resolutions to extend beyond within to focus on the sacred spaces we spend a significant amount of time. 
Refreshing a space doesn’t have to be a complete redecoration of themes or schemes but can complement your current design through statement décor and accent pieces such as wallpaper, rugs, lighting and more. In this blog, we’ll explore ways to refresh your living spaces in this new year to ensure your home evolves alongside the evolution of your life.


Far from outdated patterns of the past, modern wallpaper has already paved its way to make a comeback. Offered in an array of styles, textures, colors and application processes, wallpaper is being used as a powerful form of canvasing for in-home self-expression.

Accent Rugs

The new year brings a time to forgoes old beliefs of a rug ‘just being a rug’ in your home. Instead, think of it as a piece of art that lives beneath your feet. An accessory to nearly everything that surrounds it, your rug offers the chance to inject your personality and reflect your personal style in any room.

Statement Decor

With unlimited options and combinations of statement décor pieces around your home, curate a narrative of your individual style that goes beyond aesthetics. Allow your living space to transform into a gallery of your personality through statement pieces such as oversized mirrors, unique light fixtures or accent pillows.
From small touches that spark joy, to changes that transform the vibe of your living atmosphere, may your home evolve as you do. Let your home be a part of your resolutions as a reflective canvas of growth and renewal.

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